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Saturday, January 20, 1996

These pages have moved and are moving again soon! The server they were on moved from salk.edu to www.cnl.salk.edu. I'm not going to try and have all the links to salk.edu updated since I plan on moving again soon. salk.edu may continue to work for a little while. Please stay tuned to http://www.cnl.www.ptone.com/Kayak/ to find out about the next move. Of course I will be posting it to rec.boats.paddle also.

Here are the new additions for this revision.

Tuesday, January 2, 1996

Friday, December 8, 1995

Here are the items added in this update. Keep your submissions coming! I'll be out of the country for three weeks so I won't be able to process any additions till I get back.

Friday, November 17, 1995

The Kayak Pages have gone through a major behind the scenes transition. While the user may not notice a huge difference in the layout, the pages are now automatically generated from a database. This provides a couple key advantages. This allows multiple ways of looking at the information available. Second the look and feel is more consistant and can more easily be updated. Third updates and additions can be made much more easily and regularly on my side. Though generated automatically the pages are not generated on the fly, which I believe would be slower. For a sense of some of the changes check out the new overview page.

Here is a partial list of things added or changed in this transition:

September 4, 1995

WWSespe Creek

August 31, 1995

Apologies to those who wondered what happened to their updates they sent me. I was away doing field work for most of the summer - and couldn't get to these pages. I am in the process of automating more the upkeep of these pages which will allow more timely updates and more versatility in the way they are accessed. I've also changed the layout of the other sites page splitting it into multiple pages.
Here is a raw list of what this update contains:

June 6, 1995

May 30, 1995

May 25, 1995

May 8, 1995

April 27, 1995

April 19, 1995

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