Kern River Festival '95

The Kern River Festival took place on April 14-16 on the Kern River which is one of the Southernmost reliably runnable rivers in California as well as being one of the longest stretches of WW in California. The three days were filled with races, rodeos, and workshops. If you want you can read a primer on the Kern river or look at AWA's information which includes details on the powerhouse relicensing proposal.

The Event was composed primarily of these three events:

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Most of the activities were centered along the banks of the Riverside Park in Kernville. Here the slalom course was set up in the man made river park, it was also the finish of the downriver race and the location of the rodeo. Though the weather was a bit cold and at times drizzly, the turnout was very good and the crowd was always high spirited. People came from all over to watch and participate in this years festival. People from as far as Germany and New Zealand were there for the events. There is more on Who's who of the Kern. Team Prijon put on a fine show, and most major boat makers had demos available.

I've tried to have at least the top 4 in each category available in the results. The results look best if you have a viewer that supports tables (Mainly Netscape). If you really want to you can look at the complete results in an unformated form. There will also be pages about next years festival that will hopefully start before the actual festival. If You have any comments, corrections, or feedback or can identify anyone in photos that I haven't please let me know.


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