Hector Soria (38K) The rodeo took place on Saturday after the Downriver race. Though one of the most popular WW events, this was the first year that there was a rodeo at the Kern River Festival. In this event boaters are given a certain amount of time to pull off as many tricks as they can in a given amount of time. Points are awarded on tricks as well as smoothness and boat control. Ingenuity counts! Boaters are given two heats and the final score is the sum of each heat.

The competitors were divided into the following classes:

The Rodeo took place at the Riverside Park in Kernville and the river was really flowing (I think it was around 2100cfs). The main play spots for the rodeo were a small wave near the top, a large breaking wave about mid way, and a decent sized hole (one you could stay in if you wanted to) towards the bottom. This was a great spectator event complete with Pulp Fiction soundtrack in the background and hip announcers getting the crowd going.

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