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Nowhere in particular

WW The adventure Jack
Kayak and Rafting stories


WW The Berens and Pigeon Rivers
The Berens and Pigeon Rivers both NE flow out of Family Lake in Eastern Manitoba. They are remote rivers, accessible by float plane. They are big rivers, flowing through swampy muskeg and Canadian Shield, emptying into Lake Winnipeg.
By Bill Kokay

WW The Whitemouth River
The Whitemouth River flows out of Whitemouth Lake in SE Manitoba through the sandy lands deposited millenia ago by the glacial Lake Agassiz.
By Bill Kokay


This is my account of the trip my brother Ken and I took down the lower Missinaibi River in Northern Ontario in June-July of 1995.


WW Big Surf at Windansea
A few pics of big Ocean Surf in S. CA

WW Big waves at Bird Rock
Some video and stills of a day when the swell was pretty good in San Diego

WW Deer Creek
``The wilderness journey down the Deer Creek canyon is one of the finest in California. Rarely can one experience a river of such high quality for such a long distance [40 miles].'' --Lars Holbek

WW Hospital Rock, Kaweah River
A spectacular section of this river that runs through Sequoia national park.

WW Michael Dooley's River Trip Page
Grand Canyon trip logs.

WW Michael Dooley's River Trip Page
Grand Canyon trip logs and photos

WW Middle Fork Cosumnes
This is a classic early spring run, superior to many better-documented runs, although it hasn't been listed in a guidebook since Charles Martin's Sierra Whitewater in 1974. This stretch provides a mix of relatively benign class III-IV rapids, plus some intriguing low-elevation granite scenery. Its only defect is frequent (but passable) willow gardens. Because of this, and a narrow streambed, this run can be hazardous at high flows.

WW Near Drowning at Royal Flush
A mini trip report, with photos and videos of one kayaker's near brush with death on this class V rapid

WW Off the Wall
Many photos of the Chamberlain Falls Run, NF American

WW Redwood Creek Trip Report
This is a description of our trip down Redwood Creek in Northern California in the Spring of 1996. It includes a description of the river with pictures.

WW San Dieguito River
Preston Holmes and Rocky Contos

WW Sespe Creek
Sespe Creek is legendary amongst Southern California boaters. First run by Doug Tompkins, Yvonne Chouinard, and Royal Robbins in the early 80's, it has since been successfully navigated by only a dozen or so boaters. Several trips have been interrupted or aborted due to rising water or insufficient skills. By Charles Foster

WW South Fork of the Kern
A great trip write up of this descent with photos. This river is rarely run.

WW Upper North Fork of the Kaweah
Unlike the lower section of this river, the upper section has a very grand character. Trip report includes many pictures and topo maps.


WW FW Kansas Paddler


WW Missoula's Whitewater Central
A one-stop guide to kayak, raft, canoe and guided whitewater runs in western Montana and central Idaho.


WW Ed Ditto's Whitewater Amphibian Habitats of the Great Southeast
Contains pictorial tours of several Southeastern area whitewater rivers, including the Ocoee, Nantahala, Chattooga, Tellico, Hiwassee, and North Chickamauga. Written by Ed Ditto from a kayaker's perspective.

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