Section 9: References

Many of these references can be purchased online from:
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Equipment, Techniques, and Instruction

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Greenlanders at Kodiak (John Heath) 38min
Demonstration of Greenland roll techniques

Qajaq Klubben (John Heath), 80min
Video from a kayak club in Greenland, showing Greenland paddling and roll techniques. Energetic and fascinating, but narrated in Greenlandic!

John Heath's videos can be obtained from him at:

John Heath
5403 County Road 4
Damon, TX 77430

Palos Brudefaerd (sp), Bob Boucher

Build Your Own Sea Kayak! (Bob Boucher)
On building a West Greenland style skin and frame kayak

Over and Out! - sea kayak rescues

What next? - sea kayak rescues

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