Sea Kayaking Frequently Asked Questions:

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Usually, questions, comments, criticisms, and other good advices are happily accepted.

None of the information in this FAQ will make you a good kayaker. None of it is guaranteed to be correct, and much of it is subject to opinion. Take it for what you paid for it.

Todd Leigh - FAQ compiler

Thanks to:
Chris Bell - suggestions
Sam Crowley - history and hypothermia
Ralph Diaz - folding kayaks
George Dyson - history critique
Jackie Fenton - good suggestions and hypertext formatting
Alex Ferguson - history and good suggestions on everything else
Edward Hasbrouck - airline baggage restrictions
Preston Holmes - hypertext formatting and web posting
Bob Myers - suggestions, faq submission criteria, invaluable aid
Kirk Olsen - suggestions
Nick Schade - kayak building and kits
Greg Stamer - history critique and suggestions
Note the inclusion of a controversial topics section. Please don't send me email to argue about these. Constructive criticism will be accepted though.

If you want to add references, please include publisher information. If anyone can fill in the publisher information that's missing currently, please send email.

If you know of a club, outfitter, or manufacturer that should be listed, send a blurb in the format shown, and I'll add it. Same with places to paddle.

This FAQ is not currently available on FTP. If anyone out there can host it on an FTP site, please let me know. Thanks to California Kayak Friends for many years of hosting.

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