Sandstone ledges and avalanche debris make up most of the harder rapids in the remainder of the run. A few miles below Alder Creek, we came across a particularly wicked hole. Portaging this drop involves an easy 20 foot crack climb (~5.3). This is an `interesting' climb as falling here means dropping into the very hole being portaged.

ropes n' portage (24K) Don't look down (30K)

I led the pitch then body-belayed Patrick up to the ledge. We then hauled up the boats, chocking them into a crack. As Keith clambered onto the ledge, I started to move out of his way, and clumsily sent my boat careening down the steep descent ramp. It hit the water just below the hole, then made a beautiful ferry across the creek and into a big eddy. Patrick swam across to capture it before it had a chance to continue further.

Camp (46K)

Dusk fell before we could find a decent camp. We beached on a desolate gravel bar. The previous night's spacious, sandy beach was just a fond memory as we shuffled rocks around, trying to make ourselves comfortable. After cooking a quick dinner, we were serenaded to sleep by a chorus of frogs.
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