The Bay

The second day we paddled back to the mainland in order to explore the bay. Since we weren't sure if we could portage across the marsh to the bay from the beach where we put in, we drove a short distance to the east side of Bahia Falsa.

The bay can get quite shallow in spots so there is a risk of running aground even when very far from 'shore'. The other hazards are the metal racks that hang just below the surface in certain places in the bay. These are for growing oysters which are shucked along the shore in small structures.

An "oyster hut"

Along the bay side of the spit there some neat volcanic rock forms that were enhanced in their other worldliness by fog the morning we were there.

Fog and volcanic forms

Also in the bay in late fall and winter are massive flocks of Black Brants, a type of goose. These flocks would let you get only so close before lifting to the sky in the thousands. You can also explore the channels of the marsh at the head of Bahia Falsa (and I'm sure some of the other marshes) for a glimpse of some other shore and wetlands birds (sorry for the waterdrop on the lens).

Then end of the marsh

For those looking for a some paddling off the beaten track I can highly recomend this trip. If you want more information feel free to contact me (

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