Royal Flush

I used to run it sometimes years ago. Then I spent a long afternoon waiting for a friend to extricate himself from a pinned boat. It was pinned after the big ledge drop, on the far left, against the wall--in a near-vertical position. He got out finally, but the boat stayed. We had to rappel down from the cliff above to reach it. Couldn't raise it; it was stuck. Finally gave up until we could get some tackle. It finally got itself out: it went down and disappeared, and didn't come out for maybe 10 minutes, bent and scratched. Sort of a mystery. (Flow was about 2000 then)

I came back down when the flow was about 350 and investigated. The left hand wall is slightly undercut, and has an underwater sieve against the wall. The boat was stuck there, and evidently went down and thru part of the sieve.

The big boulder pile forming the right side of the second part of the rapid (past the big ledge) is very undercut, and has sieves all through it, with branches and limbs and clorox bottles stuck in there.

Past the ledge, everything is so foamy that a swimmer can't expect to float very high, and the chance of getting sucked down into a sieve seems pretty high. It is so ugly at low water.

I haven't run it since. This is okay by me, as to me it always was an esthetically unappealing rapid.

Keith Beck